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Can You Get Calcium from green leafy Vegetables

You can get plenty of calcium from green leafy vegetables -

They say Cow’s milk isn’t necessarily the best for your body and here's why:

For excellent food therapy, calcium derived from dairy products, leafy greens, some nuts, and any calcium-fortified products are much better than through supplements.

If the body assimilates more than the needed intake of calcium, it will flush out what it doesn’t need. Calcium is important for building bones but organic calcium does the job better than inorganic calcium does in the form of supplements.

A juice made from fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits maximizes this intake of calcium. The chlorophyll that is found in green plants and vegetables contains magnesium, which is very important in the “uptake” of calcium. Elaine Bruce, experienced naturopath, homeopathic, and director of the UK Centre for Living Foods, said, “The chemical composition of chlorophyll and blood is very similar which further facilitates this uptake.”

All vitamins and minerals work together as a unit. A synergistic combination of two or more vitamins is used together to form a stronger union. But this type of union can work against each other.

When we take antibiotics for infections and illnesses, we reduce greatly the Vitamin C absorption within the body, which protects against infection itself. The National Institutes of Health recommend the dosage of calcium per day as 1,000 to 1,500 mg. If calcium carbonate is taken instead of calcium, it contains only 40% calcium; a 1,500 mg tablet of it provides only 600 mg of calcium.

Cow’s milk is not as good for the body as we have been led to believe. Its protein content is extremely high and creates acidic residue.

By continuing large amounts of milk or acidic food consumption, a loss of alkaline minerals will develop from the bones. By losing these minerals, bones will become weak and prone to fractures.

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